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SEO Checklist

As I mentioned in a previous post about knowledge panels, I was doing a little bit of SEO work recently. I found a lot of information and advice while I was researching tips on how to improve search engine rank. Because Google doesn’t reveal much about the criteria it uses to rank search results, and […]

Understanding the Google Knowledge Panel for Brands

Recently, I was helping a company with some SEO and as part of that effort, trying to get a knowledge panel to appear when you search for their brand in Google. While having a knowledge panel isn’t as important as producing high quality content to improve your search engine result position, it does reinforce to […]

Unlock the Full Value of Agile Development Using the Lean Startup Methodology

Agile development is becoming ubiquitous in the development world.  By defining requirements as small, self-contained user stories, developing them in short (2 or 3 week) sprints, and iteratively deploying the latest code in order to get early testing and acceptance by users has made development teams much more efficient at building software.  No longer do […]